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Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue

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✅ Who Benefits from Our Product Catalog Service:

✨ Diverse Product Exploration: Ideal for customers wanting to explore and request quotes for various models of the same product type, such as swimsuits, headphones, cases, furniture, sunglasses, and more.

✨ Stay Updated on Latest Products: Customers interested in staying informed about the latest offerings in a specific product category.

✨ Guidance for Importing Merchandise: For those unfamiliar with importing merchandise from China, our service provides assistance throughout the process.

✨ Convenient Doorstep Delivery: Customers seeking hassle-free import procedures, with merchandise delivered directly to their doorstep.

🟢 Service Process:

Upon payment, within 1-3 business days, we curate a personalized catalog featuring the variety of models selected by the client.

Model Selection and Quotation:Clients choose the models and quantities they wish to quote.

We provide detailed quotes, including shipping and import costs.

⚠ Important Information:


⚠ Shipping Cost Variability:

Shipping costs depend on factors such as product type, weight, total order volume, and season. For example, Christmas is a peak season, with higher costs and potentially longer delivery times.

⚠ Price Dependence on Quantity:

The catalog does not include prices, as the final price is dependent on the quantity selected by the customer.

Explore our Product Catalog Service for a seamless experience in discovering, quoting, and importing a variety of product models from China.

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