Where do you ship to?

We do shipping to all the world.

How long do shipments take?

There are several types of shipments:

Express shipping via DHL, UPS, FEDEX approx. 3-7 business days (does not include import service)

Air shipping with import service 10-15 business days.

Sea shipping with import service 1-2 months

How much is the shipping?

We search for and quote the type of products that the customer desires (we do not search for or sell counterfeit products such as imitation shoes, bags, or clothing from brand names).

How can I view the catalog?

We don't have a catalog since we search for and quote the type of products the customer needs.

We do have a report on the best-selling Trending products in China for the month.

Can you put my brand logo on the merchandise?

Yes, of course, as long as it meets the minimum quantity requirement set by the supplier for custom branding.

How can I know if the product quality is good?

"Good quality" is relative as different customers have varying expectations. We recommend ordering samples to confirm the quality before placing a bulk order.

Can I request samples?

Yes, you can.

How can I buy the direct contact of a manufacturer/supplier in China?

You can purchase the "Reliable Supplier Sales" service. This service provides you with the direct contact information of the manufacturer or supplier so that you can conduct business with them directly.

Do the products come with a warranty?

There should be no issues, but if there are, we will check and try to provide a solution depending on the case.

Do you have products in stock?

We do not keep stock of products. We search for and quote the type of products the customer desires, and once the customer makes payment, we purchase the product directly from the supplier or manufacturer.

Can I buy "clothing" from you?

Yes, you can, but you need to be more specific about the type of garments you are looking for, including fabric, models, etc.

What is the first step to start doing business with you?

You should check our services to confirm which service you need, pay for it, and then we can start working together.

Can you assist me in making the purchase?

Certainly, if you purchase our Product Search and Quotation service, we can help you with the purchase.

Or if you already have a supplier and need assistance in making a secure purchase, we can provide a quote for that service, which depends on the total order amount.

Do you sell the products that are posted on your social media?

We can search for and quote any product that the customer wants, including the products we post on social media, if the customer purchases the Product Search and Quotation service.

Do you provide invoices?

If you are a customer in Mexico and you want an invoice for the payment of our services, we can provide an invoice if you pay directly to our bank account in pesos.


What is the minimum purchase?

There is no minimum purchase; it is the decision of each customer and also depends on the supplier and the type of product.

What is the minimum investment required to start importing from China?

There is really no minimum investment amount; it's the decision of each customer and varies greatly depending on the product.

How much is the shipping?

It depends on several factors such as:

1. The type of shipping (express, air, sea)

2. Weight and total volume of the merchandise

3. Product type

You can purchase our Shipping and Import Quote service to know exactly the shipping cost of your cargo.

Where does my merchandise arrive?

If you purchase the import service, the merchandise arrives directly to the customer's doorstep, or in some countries only to a warehouse in the customer's city.

Do you have a warehouse or warehouse in China to receive merchandise from various suppliers?

Yes, we have several warehouses in the city of Shenzhen to receive merchandise that customers purchase on their own from their suppliers.

I already have a supplier, can you help me with the shipping and import of the merchandise?

Of course, to quote the shipping cost you can purchase the Shipping and Import Quote service or directly contact us and ask us for the address of the warehouse to receive the merchandise and once we receive the merchandise we will calculate the shipping cost.

How long does it take for an order to arrive at Christmas time?

We recommend that Christmas season purchases be made 3-6 months in advance, due to the high season there is a lot of customs traffic and shipping delays.

Can I bring several products and are they sent in a single shipment?

We can consolidate merchandise from different suppliers, or we can ship separately, as the customer decides.


Can my merchandise be detained at customs?

If you do not know how to import and send merchandise from China without an import service, it is likely that they will retain your merchandise if it does not meet the customs requirements in your country to import said merchandise. To avoid this situation, we recommend purchasing the import service and thus avoid problems. of being detained at customs.

Can you help me import my merchandise?

Of course we do have the import shipping service.

Is it necessary to be registered on the import registry to buy and import from China?

It is not necessary, since we can do the import without the client having to carry out procedures or being registered in the registry of importers.

Is the merchandise insured? What happens if it doesn't arrive?

As long as the client purchases the import service, the merchandise must not arrive due to confiscation or retention in customs, and even if the client does not purchase the import service, the merchandise always arrives in the country, but can be imported by the client is different.