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Supplier Verification Audit

Supplier Verification Audit

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✅ Who Benefits from Our Service:

✨ Customers with Existing Suppliers: Designed for customers who already have a supplier but harbor doubts about their reliability, ensuring informed purchasing decisions.

⚠ Service Scope:

This is an online verification service and does not include an in-person visit to the factory or company. If an on-site visit is required, please consider purchasing our In-Person Verification service.


Verification of reliability or safety does not guarantee error-free orders. It is recommended to verify merchandise before shipping to avoid issues like incorrect quantities, colors, sizes, or models. Once merchandise is exported from China, returns become challenging.

⚠ Merchandise Verification Quotation:

The cost of the merchandise verification service will be quoted based on factors such as the type of product, quantity, and specific details to be verified. After placing your order, kindly provide necessary details for accurate quoting.

Choose our Supplier Verification Service for a thorough and professional assessment of your supplier's reliability, offering peace of mind in your procurement process.


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