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Online Supplier Verification

Online Supplier Verification

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Importing from China can be a lucrative business venture, but it is not without risk. One of the most significant risks when importing from China is dealing with unreliable suppliers. Cultural differences and language barriers can sometimes add to these challenges. Additionally, there may be legal and customs-related problems that you need to be aware of to avoid any legal issues and additional costs.

Who is this service for:
✨For customers who have already selected a supplier to collaborate with but need to verify the suppliers level of reliability to start officially doing business with them.

✨For first-time importers who are not familiar with Chinese suppliers and would like to gather information on the reliability of producers, before starting to purchase from them.

For experienced customers who would like to debug and optimize their supply chain by checking the reliability of suppliers they are working with.

*** ⚠️ N.B. This service is an online verification, it does not include an in-person visit to the factory or company. If you need an in-person visit to the factory, please purchase the In-Person Verification service.

*** ⚠️ VERY IMPORTANT: A supplier deemed safe or reliable may occasionally still cause errors in the procurement process such as providing less or more merchandise than agreed or failing to send a product as per your specifications, for this reason it is recommended to always verify the merchandise before shipping, since once the merchandise is exported from China and arrives to the destination country, returning it may be challenging.

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